In Memoriam



We shall never forget Hal Hawkins, former Headmaster of Delphi Academy, who unexpectedly passed away on August 1, 2011 at his Bay Area home. Hal led the school as Headmaster for fifteen years, from 1989 to 2004. His career with Delphi began at the Delphian School which led to his recommendation for the Headmaster position at Delphi Academy when the school was just three years old. Under Mr. Hawkins's leadership, the school doubled in size and experienced many healthy years of growth.

He oversaw and orchestrated Delphi's move from Palo Alto to Santa Clara in 1996 and his tenure was marked by high standards, hands-on attention to detail, professionalism and care. He knew every family in the school and could be found each morning walking around the campus, greeting students and parents by name - sometimes watering plants or whisking some newly fallen leaves off the walk as he went. He truly cared for the school and all its students and faculty, and this genuine care was evident in his actions and demeanor. 

As the Headmaster, it was occasionally his duty to meet with a student regarding a disciplinary matter. Mr. Hawkins was known to be tough yet fair, and could be stern yet kind at the same time. He gave the students courtesy and respect, asked them to work hard and get the most out of their education while having fun and caring for each other and their school. In return, Mr. Hawkins had the respect of the students, many of whom will remember his uncompromising belief in their abilities and the twinkle in his eyes.

Mr. Hawkins was no stranger to fun, and he made sure there was plenty of adventure at Delphi. He accompanied students on camping trips around the Bay Area and the state, and organized an annual ski trip each winter where he could be found on the slopes alongside the students.

Mr. Hawkins was a loving husband, father and had also recently become a grandfather. His children attended both Delphi Academy and Delphian School. He will be remembered for the years of leadership and dedication he gave to educating children, his kindness, his great cooking and his high standards of personal excellence. He is deeply missed. 

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