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Delphi Academy Celebrates the Start of 2012-2013 Fall Term with a Grand Opening and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Ribbon-Cutting at Delphi Academy of Campbell, 25 August 2012

From left to right: Campbell Chamber of Commerce Membership Director, Betty Deal; Campbell Chamber of Commerce President of the Board, Pam Finch; Delphi Academy Community Relations Director, Kimi de Leonibus; Campbell Chamber of Commerce CEO, Neil Collins; Mayor of Campbell, Michael Kotowski; Delphi Academy Headmistress, Marcy Green; Delphi Academy Dean, Susan Wehner; Delphian School Dean, Susan Ott; Delphi Schools, Inc. President, Greg Ott, Campbell Chamber of Commerce Board Member, Cary Stover.

On August 25, 2012, the Mayor of Campbell, executives at the Campbell Chamber of Commerce, President of Delphi Schools, Inc. and the Dean of the Delphian School joined the faculty and executives of Delphi Academy to cut the red ribbon and officially mark the start of the school's first Fall Term in Campbell.

The new campus offers students light-filled classrooms with large windows, two science labs, an art studio, performing arts studio, gymnastics and P.E. room replete with lateral rock-climbing wall, trampolines and a horizontal ladder. Additionally, Delphi students have exclusive use of two large gymnasiums for sports such as basketball, volleyball and badminton, plus exclusive field use for sports like soccer, baseball and flag football. Students will also have use of the handball courts, track, tennis courts and (in summertime) the pool.

Signature aspects of Delphi's rich curriculum, such as weekly field trips and hands-on activities have continued without a hitch at the new campus. In fact, students report that they are enjoying the larger laboratories as well as morning bus service to the school from Santa Clara.

Delphi Academy moved to Campbell in June and opened for seven weeks of summer camp. The first day of Fall Term was August 27, 2012. The K-8th grade school accepts new students year-round and its individualized program makes it possible for students to begin at any point in the year.


New Campus for Delphi Academy starting June 25, 2012


The finale of Delphi's annual Lunar New Year celebration was a rousing speech from Headmistress Marcy Green as she broke the incredible news that Delphi Academy has found a new, two-story home on a beautiful campus just 5 miles from our present site! Here are excerpts from her speech at the event:

"Hello Delphi Dragons! Wow! The exciting parade, the new dragons you've made and the wonderful performances are the perfect way to welcome in our year - the Year of the Delphi Dragons! I want to thank all the parents, students, faculty and our esteemed guests who have helped make this joyful celebration. 

"I wanted to speak to you today to share some very exciting news. My staff and I have been working for several years on a very special project that has just been finalized this week. We now have a lease for a new campus that will be Delphi Academy's new home starting on the first day of Summer Camp - June 25, 2012!

"Would you like a school with two gymnasiums? A real track? Four soccer fields? Handball courts? A banquet hall for events like this one? How about a swimming pool? Well, this is what our new campus has, and this is what it looks like!

"I think many of you have been there before - it sits on the Campbell Community Center campus at the corner of Campbell Ave. and Winchester Blvd. It has an historic beauty and presence that I think truly reflects the quality of the Delphi program, and I am thrilled that it will be our home for many years to come. ...

"I am very excited by all the benefits of this move. We are gaining about 5,000 square feet in additional classroom space. We will be able to double the size of the science lab, have indoor eating areas for the students, as well as a separate art room, indoor play area for younger students and a rec room for older students. ... There are many opportunities this new campus gives us to grow our Delphi family and expand the upper end of our program.

"Thank you for coming today, for listening, for your enthusiasm, and thank you for being part of our Delphi family. This is only the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, but I anticipate a fantastic year ahead!"



Expansion Plans Going Forward

The 2011-2012 school year began with a talk from Headmistress Marcy Green at our annual Back to School Night. Mrs. Green welcomed the Delphi families to the start of a new school year and briefed everyone about the progress in our expansion plans.

The search for an ideal preschool site has continued and the Expansion Committee has additionally been looking for a larger home for Delphi Academy with room to offer high school. The help of experts in educational real estate, California preschool licensing and architecture have been secured. Certain parents of current students and Delphi alumni have been highly supportive and key to helping our plans progress.

There are many factors involved in finding the right space for a school but Delphi's executives, with the help of the Expansion Committee, continue to search for an ideal location within a short radius around our present home in Santa Clara. Mrs. Green thanked all who stepped forward for their invaluable help.

Although she could not officially announce any new campuses as of yet, Mrs. Green encouraged everyone to participate in the fall Walk and Bike-a-thon at Baylands Park to help raise funds for future development.


Headmistress Invites Parents to Join Expansion Committee

The first Parent Booster Club meeting of the 2010-11 school year was held on October 4th and kicked off with an informative briefing from Headmistress Marcy Green.  Mrs. Green discussed Delphi's expansion plans and invited interested parents to sign up for the Expansion Committee to help raise funds and locate additional properties near our current campus where Delphi could grow further.

Mrs. Green explained that while we continue at our current location, the demand for a Delphi education is growing and additional locations could be convenient and beneficial to families.  A new campus could hold a preschool or high school - both require ample square footage for playgrounds, athletics, classrooms and other facilities.  A dedicated parent group will be key to making Delphi's expansion possible.

Interested parents can sign up for the Expansion Committee in the school office.

A Board is being formed to provide input and assistance on the acquisition of new property. If you would like to be a part of this committee, or if you would like to donate to the Capital Campaign, please contact Mrs. Ingrid Vacca, Business Manager at 408-260-2300.

Here is an excerpt from Headmistress Green's speech:

“It is time to grow and reach out to our fullest potential. You may have heard about plans for a Delphi Preschool. We are currently looking for a site not far from our existing campus. 

"We have also begun delivering high school level courses. Our students are flying through their programs and often complete Middle School at age 12, a little too early to go off to high school. We are committed to helping them continue their education and get a head start on upper level material. And this is just the beginning! It is in this new decade that I envision the full facilities, faculty and student body for a thriving high school community coming into place.

“We are outgrowing our present location and it’s time to think BIG. We will soon announce the launch of our Capital Campaign with the aim of purchasing and renovating a full, new campus for the school. Imagine a huge Science Lab, fully equipped Computer Lab, Art Room, auditorium and theater, with fields and separate outdoor areas for the Lower, Elementary and Middle Schools. Would your family like to sponsor a Hall, Wing, Classroom or Lab? I urge your participation in helping us raise the money to take this important step for expansion. Together, we can create an incredible facility for our children and all future Delphi students.”


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