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Alumni from Delphi Academy of Santa Clara and Delphi Academy of Campbell can be found excelling in high schools, colleges and careers. Here are some updates from a few people you may remember!



Erika Bruno graduated fro Delphi Academy in 2005 and from Presentation High School in 2009. In high school, she played water polo all four years and was MVP for JV Water Polo in 2006 and 2007 and also bowled with Santa Clara’s PAL bowling league. Erika worked at Delphi as a Summer Camp counselor for two of her high school summers, volunteered for an on-campus program called YES at Humboldt State to help low-income and disadvantaged children, and spent her junior year of college abroad in Spain. She graduated from Humboldt State in 2013 with a degree in International Studies and plans to travel the world, working with youth and education through various programs along the way.


Nicole Bruno amazed her teachers and classmates with beautifully crafted stories during her time at Delphi Academy. Writing was clearly a strong talent. She graduated from Presentation High School where she excelled at Speech and Debate, writing and making speeches in Humorous Interpretation and Dramatic Interpretation. She regularly performed excellently in State Qualifications and went to States to compete in Dramatic Interpretation. She now attends college in Ashland, Oregon where she studies Literature and Theatrical Arts.


Charlene Chen attended Delphi Academy starting in Beginner 1 (K) and graduated from Delphian School in Oregon where she was a star player in varsity basketball, volleyball and choir. She repeately made it to the State Championships with varsity choir, year after year! During breaks from school, Charlene returned to Delphi Academy to lend a hand. She proposed and completed a project to set up the school library during our move to Campbell. Accepted at Smith College, amongst many others, Charlene decided to take a year off for work experience before beginning her college career.


Bahar Ghaderi graduated from Delphi Academy in 2009 and then attended Cupertino High. Having completed Algebra during her final year at Delphi, she was accepted into an advanced Geometry math class her freshman year. She continued to excel in math, English, French, sciences and Theater. She plays the piano, has a black belt in tae kwon do, and also does gymnastics. She performed in the Drama department at school and with the California Theater Center each summer until her graduation. She is now studying Accounting at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles.


Jeff Hanson began his education at Delphi Academy and continued at Delphian School, where he graduated in 2009. During his years at Delphian, he developed an interest in literature, yoga and photography, all of which he pursued while at Delphian. Following graduation, he worked for a tax consulting firm and then went to work for his church in international humanitarian activities. Of his Delphi experience he says, "I have become an individual who knows he can accomplish whatever he wishes to and is only limited by how big he dreams."


Jenna Hanson attended Delphi Academy and then moved on to The Delphian School in Oregon where she continued to explore her artistic passions for creativity, fashion and design. She graduated from Delphian and now attends the Otis College of Art and Design.


Jackie Palser An alumna of both Delphi Academy and the Delphian School, Jackie eventually returned to the Bay Area to teach Form 3 until the birth of her son, Aiden. After a few years with Aiden, they returned together to Delphi -- Jackie as a Beginner 1 (Kindergarten) teacher and Aiden as a student!


Demi Prescott excelled first at Delphi Academy and then at Willamina High School where she recently graduated! Two years younger than her classmates, she maintained straight A’s in all her classes. Growing up with Delphi’s system of independent learning, she found it very easy to adjust to the grading system. Her teachers noticed that Demi didn’t just want to pass assignments - she wanted to learn the material so she could apply it. Demi credits the study technology she learned at Delphi Academy for her success, saying,

“With study technology under my belt, I know that I can excel anywhere and I have proven that. I have also shown my fellow classmates that you can know and apply your studies. They look up to me and I help them to want to do better… I am constantly helping people with their studies and when needed, I tell them that they should look up the definition to a word or draw out a problem to understand it better. ... I know that I can do well anywhere if I continue to use the study technology.”


Shruti Swaminathan entered Presentation High School with Honors as a freshman after graduating from Delphi Academy's Middle School. She attended the National Young Leaders State Conference on the basis of academic excellence and sang with the Presentation Jazz Choir. After graduating from Presentation, Shruti went on to study bioengineering in New York at Rochester!


Annette Yao has enjoyed art and writing since her Elementary School days at Delphi Academy. She graduated high school from Leland, where she enjoyed Accelerated English classes, AP English and AP Literature. She truly enjoys literature analysis, loves to write with excellent sentence structure, and doesn't mind writing lots and lots of essays. She uses her study skills from Delphi, makes sure to restudy important notes and clear the words she doesn’t know and finds that - thanks to Delphi - says she can also spell a lot better than most of her classmates.

She is now enjoying college life at UC Santa Cruz.


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