Themes & Workshops

Making learning fun is what a Delphi Summer is all about!

Camp themes and workshops cover science, art and physical games and skills appropriate for each age level. Weekly field trips, art projects and special activities relate to the themes covered in the classroom. Workshops introduce new skills and lively team activities where kids can create, learn and explore with their friends.




Weeks 1 & 2: Farm Friends & Fun

Visit local farms, talk to the farmers, take tractor rides and meet the animals. Pick berries, build a mini farm house, explore the garden and bake a mini pie. The farmstead awaits!

Weeks 3 & 4: The Great Outdoors

What better time than summer to enjoy the beauty of nature and the great outdoors? Campers will visit the mountain forests and the eucalyptus glades by the sea. Nature discovery walks, a railroad ride through the trees, and fun science explorations with nature await our youngest campers. We'll also plant flowers and enjoy our own gardens!

Weeks 5 & 6: Animal Planet

Campers are off to the zoos to meet a variety of animals in person. We'll learn how to take care of an animal, how they live in the wild, their various habitats and what they like to eat. Campers will discover how an animal's special features like teeth, scales or eyes can give us clues about how they live, and we'll do some creative animal crafts, too!

Weeks 7 & 8: Wonderful Water

It isn't summer without plenty of water play, swimming and marine adventures to cool off on those hot days. We’ll go wading and (shallow) swimming at the Morgan Hill Aquatic Center and visit the underwater animals at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Water science, stories, art and activities round out these wet weeks with wonderful water.


THEMES FOR CAMPERS 2nd & 3rd grades

Second and third grade campers (Forms 1 & 2) are Voyagers on an Ocean Quest this summer. Each class will explore the overall theme of marine science with a unique focus each week. Field trips and S.T.E.A.M. activities bring the topics to life for an engaging summer of fun and learning!

2nd Grade (Form 1) Weekly Themes

Week 1: Shark Week

Week 2: Tropical Reefs

Week 3: Week of the Turtle

Week 4: Jellyfish and Seahorses

Week 5: Dolphins and Whales

Week 6: Islands Week

Week 7: Deep Sea Creatures

Week 8: Who Lives in the Arctic Oceans?

3rd Grade (Form 2) Weekly Themes

Week 1: Marine Mammals

Week 2: A Week of Whales

Week 3: Beyond the Sea

Week 4: Science Week

Week 5: Deep Sea Life

Week 6: Creatures of the Pacific

Week 7: Ecosystems & Ecology

Week 8: San Francisco Bay

S.T.E.A.M. Electives for Middle School Campers

Academics, Athletics, Arts & Adventure

Stay tuned to this page for the complete schedule of elective classes for grades 6 - 8.

There's always more!

You never know what extra activities you’ll find at Delphi. Come to Delphi Summer Camp and be surprised! 

Summer of 2007
The Delphi Summer Choir sang the National Anthem to kick off the San Jose Grand Prix!

Summer of 2008
A special photography class had students creating sets and lighting, then modelling, photographing and even editing their own shots!

Summer of 2009...
Campers made stop-motion films using cameras and small objects. They also built solar-powered cars, boats and toys.

Summer of 2010...
Our oldest campers volunteered at Yosemite National Park, clearing nearly 1,500 small trees from Tuolumne Meadows under the supervision of a Yosemite National Park Ranger.  They were thanked by all the rangers at the Visitor's Center and sworn in as Junior Rangers for the park!

Summer of 2011...
Campers went kayaking on the shallow and tranquil bay waters near Point Reyes. They participated in a series of Delphi soccer clinics that culminated in a grand World Cup finale! Campers also learned to use a simple animation software and electronic tablet to draw and animate their own short cartoons.

Summer of 2012...
Campers built model roller coasters, rode a motorboat on Lake Tahoe and tie-dyed shirts on a camping trip.

Summer of 2013...
Campers explored a cave in California's Gold Country, swam off pontoon boats in Lake Tahoe, toured the San Francisco piers, built chemical elements and demonstrated reactions with Lego bricks, and went on a treasure hunt.

Summer of 2014...
Delphi campers stayed overnight on a turn-of-the-century schooner, literally "learning the ropes" as they experienced what a sailor's life was like on a tall ship 100 years ago. They also rode a train to the Creativity Museum, cruised the San Francisco Bay, had a bridge-building contest and picked organic berries.

Summer of 2015...
Campers spent the night on a WWII submarine, experiencing history firsthand. They built and programmed a light-seeking robot with Arduino, hiked to see the elephant seals, visited the California Academy of Sciences and Steinhart Aquarium, spent a night with sharks and enjoyed two exciting days at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Summer of 2016...
Campers went behind the scenes at the Chabot Space and Science Center and had a slumber party with the giant telescopes, taking a peek at the night sky. They rode a steam train through the redwood forest and watched fireworks over Lake Tahoe.

Summer of 2017...
Campers hatched baby chicks from eggs, went on a real safari, learned how to care for large animals and conducted their own experiments in the science lab. Some went camping for the very first time and pitched their tent, helped cook the meals and made their very own tie dye T-shirts.


Summer of 2018...
Join us and help us make wonderful new memories this year!


Themes & Workshops

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