Summer Results

Even just one summer at Delphi Summer Camp can have a big impact on a camper's life. Students visiting from a foreign country can make great improvements in their English, while local students may benefit from the personalized study program, hands-on learning and one-on-one assistance. Add in the camping trips, day excursions, special projects and themes, and it's easy to see that all the adventures in learning make a Delphi Summer unforgettable!

Take a look at some of the responses from our students and their parents to get a sense of what can be accomplished in just one summer.


What Our Campers Say

Sports Camp – Delphi’s Summer Camp is really fun and exciting because it’s filled with activities.  I found it was a great place to be because I met a lot of people and made so many new friends.  When I think of summer, I remember tons of laughter nonstop!  Hanging out with my friends on the beach camping trip was great.  I actually also enjoyed the academics; they helped me to get ahead.  I loved swimming twice a week and my favorite day trip was probably Great America.  When I move on to high school, I’m definitely going to miss my summers at Delphi! 

~ Camper, age 13


Delphi Academy gave me encouragement. It gave me a boost. I felt like everything that happened here was too good to be true. I will never forget the amazing experience here.

~ Camper, 5th grade


At Delphi I learned how to write good cursive, make fossils, make cabbage juice and much more. My favorite part of Delphi was science. I boiled cabbage juice. I also changed the cabbage juice different colors. The cabbage juice was blue. If you added vinegar, it would turn reddish purple. If you added baking soda it would turn blue again. I think Delphi Academy is a great place to be!

~ Camper, 4th grade


I had a great time at Delphi’s Summer Camp!  The water slides were a blast and boogie boarding at the beach was awesome.  I hadn’t been to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk before – it turned out to have some really fun rides and I had a great time with my friends.  I completed a lot of History courses over the summer, too.  They were really interesting and I enjoyed them.  The camping trip to Marble Quarry was full of activities.  We went river rafting, panned for gold and visited the Old Towne.  I had a good time with everyone swimming at the campgrounds and around the campfire.  It was one of the best camping trips I’ve ever been on! 

~ Camper, age 12


I went on my very first camping trip in the woods.  It was fun!  My friends and I worked hard to put up our tent.  At first we could not do it alone because we had the biggest tent of all.  We found a banana slug and tie-dyed a shirt.  The hikes were really long.  I liked sleeping in the tent and eating outside.  I’m going to do it again next year! 

~ Camper, age 6


This was a fun-filled summer, which I'll cherish forever. The field trips, friends, teachers and courses all added up to an amazing summer. Swimming was another splash of exciting fun. Near the end of the day projects gave me a time to calm down, and soak in the day. The memories of this summer at Delphi will stay with me forever.

~ Camper, Middle School


Parent Testimonials

What I noticed most about my son was how grown up he became, even at age 7. He was really motivated and set a big goal for himself in the academics. He went on one of the camping trips and when he came back he told me about the creek walking and exploring, how he packed up his own things and helped cook. I think what happened for him was he felt so successful in his studies and had so much fun exploring and learning new things that he really opened up his view of school and what he can do with his studies. He has decided that he wants to be an archaeologist. I think the Delphi Program really supports a child's motivation to create a vision for themselves. 

—Parent I.V. of Santa Clara


Julia is definitely going to come back to the summer program this year. She had such a good time last year and her English has got a lot better since then. As a matter of fact, she got the highest score in her class for the English final test this semester. She is very thrilled about that. 

—Parent Y.C., from China


Both of my kids had a great time at Delphi last summer. Delphi's programs are very age-appropriate, so my four-year old loved going to the ranch, the farm and having the younger kids' waterslide on campus, while my ten-year old enjoyed going to the waterslide park, going camping and visiting the race track. Both of them enjoyed spending the summer with their friends and they made a lot of progress academically as well. They were safe, happy, learned a lot and had all kinds of brand new experiences—what more could a parent ask for in a summer program? I loved the creativity the kids showed in the movies they wrote and filmed. I loved the team spirit they showed at the baseball game playoffs. Thanks, Delphi, for such an enriching and fun summer program! 

—Parent M.D. of San Jose 

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