Summer Academics

Summer is a great opportunity for students to sharpen up their study skills, brush up on subjects like reading, writing or math, advance themselves in existing studies or explore new interests.

Academic classes are held each morning where students can work on basics like reading, language and math, or explore subjects such as science, technology or history in special hands-on seminars.

Learn A Lot in Just One Delphi Summer!

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade:

Younger campers take advantage of our early-reading program offered during the summer. In fact, some of our campers learn to read for the very first time during their summer at Delphi.

Academic themes for younger campers continue through the day, connecting basic lessons with day trips, art and science projects. For example, when learning about marine life, campers take trips to the tide pools, the aquarium and the marine center. They may also enjoy marine-related art and science projects and learn about the jobs of marine scientists and oceanographers.

4th - 8th Grade:

Teachers work with older campers to help them set academic goals for the summer. Our unique approach provides an individually-tailored program for each camper, as well as one-on-one assistance. Campers work independently under close supervision from their teachers, who provide guidance and extra resources to utilize in study, such as lab work, clay modeling and practical projects. Due to the personalized nature of the program, individual progress is not tied to the speed of others in the class. Summer campers benefit from working closely with our experienced, year-round faculty, who are an important part of the summer academic program.

Campers can choose from a wide selection of academics and electives. Many of the electives available during the regular school year are also offered in the summer. Some of the most popular include Microscope Basics, Yogurt Making, Basic First Aid & Emergency, Learning How to Learn, and Whittling.

Study Skills

Older campers new to Delphi are given instruction in a special course on how to study and how to overcome the barriers to study. This vital information can greatly increase any student’s enthusiasm for learning and give them confidence in their ability to learn any subject. It is often the first course for a new camper, since these important study skills provide valuable tools to use when studying anything.

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