Planting Seeds - Kindergarten Campers

Campers fill their pots with soil for planting seeds

Ms. Jackie and Ms. Karen's Kindergarten campers met Mr. Chuck at the garden and planted a variety of flower seeds in pots. They filled their pots with soil, learned about the different seeds and each carefully planted their seeds and covered them with a fine sprinkling of soil. They put them into the greenhouse and will check on them every few days to see how they sprout and grow.

Mr. Chuck hands out seeds.

There was a little excitement when the children placed their pots in the greenhouse on the shelves. Just after they'd all walked out, the automatic misters came on, catching Ms. Jackie and Ms. Kimi in the water!

Campers place their pots in the greenhouse.

In a few weeks, the plants will be tall and each camper can take their flowers home.

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