Delphi Students Install Irrigation at Museum Garden

Students work together to cut rubber tubing for the drip irrigation system.

Summer camp at Delphi Academy isn't just about swimming and camping. Middle School campers trekked down to the Campbell Historical Museum to learn how to install irrigation for the new, native garden plant beds. Part of a continuing project by the students and City of Campbell to create an educational garden, the planters will eventually have drought-friendly native plants that are specifically attractive to pollinators.

Campers volunteered to take some time out of their day to help with this project. Due to Delphi Academy's continuing collaboration with the city, some had installed irrigation before in other areas of town, while for others it was their first experience.

A student installs drip irrigation to the main pipe.

"Part of Delphi's philosophy, whether during summer camp or the academic school year, is to involve students in real-life projects where they learn practical skills, teamwork and have the opportunity to interact with professionals," said Kimi de Leonibus, Associate Headmistress, who organized the service event.

David Olson and Chuck Porter of the City of Campbell led students in the irrigation project and provided the tools and supplies. They both expressed appreciation for the students' strong interest and regular contribution to city projects.

Students cover the pipes after installing irrigation in the native garden plant beds at the Campbell Historical Museum.

"That was the best field trip ever," proclaimed one student upon completion. "We really did it."

The students spent several hours to complete installation of irrigation in two beds. They also learned how to use the control panel to set up a timed water delivery system and covered all the pipes with dirt, ready for the next group to come in and plant.

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