Student Life

Be prepared for a schedule brimming with activity. From morning roll call to parents' arrival, students are busy in the classroom, on field trips, on the sports field, or involved in a variety of practical activities. Students will find the Delphi atmosphere to be one of both fun and challenge, and will be invited to help create that atmosphere.


Middle School students participate in a broad range of activities designed to get them applying their education to their community and environment. Examples of such activities have included the following:    

  • After learning that children in Africa were sharing one piece of paper amongst four students, a fundraising project was held to benefit schools in the country of Zimbabwe. With the money students raised, books, dictionaries, pencils, paper, charts, maps and other materials were purchased, donated and shipped to three needy schools.
  • On board an eighteenth century merchant ship replica, students were taught sailing basics and participated with the crew in sailing The Chieftain on the San Francisco Bay. This trip gave students a real lesson in working together as well as giving them a first-hand taste of history.
  • Students originated and arranged school participation in Coastal Clean Up Day. They organized the location and acquired the permission slips, waivers and transportation for participants. Students designed fliers promoting the event, made announcements to each class and gained parental support. Over 35 volunteers turned out to clean Stevens Creek Reservoir on Coastal Cleanup Day, where they gathered many bags of trash from the shore and surrounding trails. The students repeated their efforts for subsequent Coastal Clean Up days and the Great American Litter Pick Up.
  • Other school activities included preparation of the school's yearbook, participation in Great America’s Physics Day and Performing Arts Day, school gardening projects, food drives, etc.


Student Services

All students participate in "Student Services", a program of contribution to the operation and maintenance of the school. This not only helps the school run smoothly, but also builds personal responsibility and a greater appreciation for the work involved in maintaining a professional environment. Students spend 20 to 40 minutes each day helping out in a variety of areas––cleaning the classrooms, caring for school pets, gardening, teacher assistance or helping in the office. Through their contributions, each takes on greater ownership for the school environment.


After School Activities

All of the above activities are augmented by After School Activities, with voluntary electives offered after school for one hour each day. After School Activities can include intramural sports, foreign language study, speech and debate, fine art, chess, creative writing, guitar and more.


Field Trips

Middle School students participate in bi-monthly field trips to places such as museums, theaters for concerts or plays, TV or radio stations, the USS Hornet or the state capitol. The Summer Session includes camping trips to places such as Gold Country near Yosemite and to state parks on the beach. The purpose of all these trips and activities is to give students first-hand experiences in life where they can learn and evaluate based on their own observations. Through such broad exposure, students may find new areas of academic interest or future career paths to pursue.

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