Physical Education

Young children gain confidence as they acquire new physical abilities.  In the Lower School, we challenge our students to learn a comprehensive line-up of physical skills that improve and develop their large motor skills, increase health and fitness, and provide a lot of fun in their day.   

Gymnastics is a major part of the program, focusing on tumbling and floor maneuvers, walking board and balance beam skills, horizontal ladder skills and ball, rope and hoop skills.  Children also build stamina and overall fitness through walks, runs and hikes, often in one of the many beautiful nature parks nearby. 

The school has an indoor playground and gymnastics room, two gymnasiums, a track, and several sports fields where team games such as kickball, soccer and softball are played. More seasonal sports activities include ice skating, hiking, bowling and swimming, and are typically offered seasonally during the school year or summer session.

During a typical school day, Lower School students have two dedicated times for sports and physical education, as well as recess periods for free play after lunch and each of two snack periods.  Providing a balance of indoor and outdoor activity improves student focus and performance in the classroom.


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