Practical Activities

There are practical requirements for Middle School students throughout their academic studies, providing them with important real-life experience in conducting experiments, making useful products, participating in activities that further enhance their understanding of the subjects taught, or in learning a new skill. Practical activities develop skills through projects and first-hand experiences. 

Out in the Field

Getting out to observe or interact with the world outside Delphi is a big part of the program. In the classrooms, students are encouraged to connect what they are studying with the real world. Field trips help them to make that connection even more tangible. 

Middle School students have taken full-day tours of Cisco Systems, getting an inside look at technological advances, exploring career paths, and taking notes at a Powerpoint presentation on how to give an effective Powerpoint presentation. Students have also participated in writing seminars at author Dave Egger’s 826 Valencia writing workshop in San Francisco, attended major exhibits at the DeYoung Museum such as King Tutankhamen, and at the local Tech Museum such as the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit.  Students gain an appreciation of fine arts with trips to the ballet, opera, musicals and plays. Middle School students generally take two field trips every month.


As part of the learning process, Middle School students will participate in a variety of practical projects. These may include planning and carrying out a three-day backpacking trip, running a simple business, participating in a community service project, crossing plants to get a hybrid, programming a computer, writing a short play or building a dome. Under some circumstances, Middle School students can arrange for on- and/or off-campus apprenticeships in areas of interest.

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