Daily activity and a regular regimen of exercise and fitness at a young age can establish healthy habits for a lifetime. Delphi Middle School students build skills in a variety of sports including volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, track and more. Fitness tests, health education, team sports and calisthenics are all part of their physical education.

Students run the mile at least once a week and gradually build up to running five or six miles with relative ease. Warm ups, stretching, physical activity and cool down become habit and both teamwork and individual performance are given importance.  

Additional physical activities such as ping-pong, ice-skating, rock climbing, trampoline jumping, swimming, hiking, surfing, archery, horseback riding and skiing may be offered seasonally.  

Middle School students can get competitive and join the Delphi Dragons sports teams where they play seasonal team sports against other private schools in their league.

Facilities include two gymnasiums with basketball and volleyball courts, several large fields, a track, pool, tennis courts and handball courts. Students sometimes travel to the many beautiful hiking trails, state and county parks and beaches close by to enjoy physical fitness in nature.


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