The Arts

The Middle School Arts program allows students to develop and refine their skills while embracing the freedom that all the training from earlier years now affords. Arts education introduces students to new methods and techniques of expression, famous artworks in history, artist biographies and styles. Students are challenged to use art to create desired effects on their audience.  

Fine Arts

In Fine Arts, students express themselves in a variety of media, including pencil, charcoal, pastel, acrylic, mixed media and graphic design. A monthly workshop introduces the media and its attributes, presents renowned works of that type, covers basic technique and lets students explore within the parameters of a set assignment. Students who wish to create freely in a media of their own choosing, on a project of their own design, can attend a weekly Art Studio in the afternoon to progress personally on their artistic development.


Music is approached through rhythm, voice, musical notation, beginning music theory, artistic expression and group performances. Students are exposed to a wide variety of music from various time periods and from countries, composers and musical groups around the world. An emphasis is placed on helping each student to improve his/her personal ability to sing and communicate musically using proper breathing, support and projection. Rhythm instruments and movement may be incorporated into performances that are scheduled at least twice each school year. Guitar lessons are sometimes offered twice weekly as an After School activity. Additionally, students may initiate musical projects in composition, recording and distribution of their own music.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Delphi includes dance, theater and musical theater and students participate in all aspects of a show – not just acting, singing and dancing, but also stage dressing, building sets and properties, costuming, makeup, lighting, sound and curtain.  One major show is usually produced annually, with smaller opportunities for skits and dances occurring at school events through the year. Students have the opportunity to stretch their acting skills on stage or exhibit behind-the-scenes efficiency to bring their shows to life.

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