Middle School

The Middle School years form the critical transition period from a student who is competent in the basics of reading, writing and mathematics to one who has fully mastered these basics and is launching into more serious academic study. In the Middle School, students increase focus, independence and gain a larger conceptual understanding of how academic subjects relate to real life. While maintaining high standards in the basic tools learned earlier, we concentrate on raising the students’ ability to think critically, to analyze, draw comparisons and reach conclusions using logic.

Social, emotional and personal growth is also high at the Middle School level. Students are encouraged to explore new subjects of interest by researching, proposing and executing practical projects that provide a tangible result. Such projects are often done in teams and help students learn to plan, set targets, work together and overcome obstacles to achieving their goals. Leadership, planning and organizational skills are all enhanced.

Middle School students are the oldest students at Delphi and therefore have the greatest responsibilities. They set an example for the younger students and are allowed to take on certain jobs in the school such as selling pizza at lunch on Fridays, managing the recycling program or joining Student Government. 

Students generally enter the Middle School at the age of eleven or twelve. They normally finish Form 5 (a combination of 7th and 8th grade) by thirteen or fourteen years of age. Graduates of Form 5 are fully prepared for the rigors of high school at any top college preparatory school. If attending public school, most students will easily move on to the Honors and Advanced Placement track.

Early High School and Beyond

Delphi Academy offers high school studies as part of our Middle School program. Two categories of students will normally take advantage of this advanced material.

  1. Students that want to complete the full Delphi high school program at Delphian School in Oregon or Delphi High School in Los Angeles or Florida may progress on to high school material after graduating Form 5 until they are ready to transfer in the fall.
  2. Due to the individualized nature of the Delphi Program™, some students graduate Form 5 at age twelve and may be too young to start high school at another campus.  Offering a limited number of high school courses allows these advanced students to get a head start on high school material while remaining with peers in their own age group.


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