Graduation Requirements

One of the primary tenets of the Delphi Program™ is to require students to demonstrate competence and full understanding of material, and to not simply pass them to the next level based on grades or time spent in a classroom.  To be successful in this unique approach, we clearly define the educational standards necessary to achieve competence - by level and by subject - and then demand that those standards be achieved.  The standards we have defined are called the Delphi Program Graduation Requirements and they are thoroughly outlined in the Delphi Graduation Requirements Handbook.

The Delphi Program is divided into eight Forms, spanning the Lower School, Elementary School, Middle School and Upper School. At each Form, levels of academic or technical competence are named and students fully demonstrate these abilities as a requirement for graduation from the Form.

Accelerated Placement

After successful examination, students may omit study in any part of the program in which he or she is able to demonstrate competence. Examination may include oral, written or demonstrated knowledge and is usually one-on-one with an Examiner from the Standards Department. “Testing out” of an academic area allows the student to move on to the next level.  We want all our students to be continually challenged and interested in their education and the excitement of acquiring new knowledge for use and application.

Incoming Placement

Students first coming into the Delphi Program receive a complete evaluation of their academic skills and abilities.  Their age and the requirements of the appropriate Form are taken into account to select the best learning environment for the child.  The evaluation takes place in the classroom and one-on-one, and is used to determine the student’s level of mastery in major subject areas.  After a complete assessment, a customized program is created to provide an interesting, challenging and appropriate educational experience for the student on their first Form at Delphi.

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