Geography, History, Government and Current Events

An understanding of one’s world today is deepened by knowledge of the past - of people, movements, inventions and ideas that changed the course of history and brought us to the present. Cultures, countries, individuals and events are studied in a global context and historical studies are integrated with geography, science, social sciences and even literature and music to give students a full understanding of the past and present.


Students become thoroughly familiar with the geography of the U.S. and western hemisphere. They learn about the various regions of the United States and interview people who have lived in each area, create maps and gather data to compare the similarities and differences between regions of the western hemisphere. 

History and Government

World history is also covered, from the ancient Egyptians to modern times. Events, people, conflicts and ideas are discussed, along with the social, political and cultural values that shaped viewpoints and influenced decisions. Students create time lines and maps. They research countries, time periods and people and present their findings in written and oral presentations.

Students learn how single individuals have had the capacity to influence history throughout the ages. Two courses, entitled People and Ideas and Conflicts and Ideas, explore the patterns and motivations behind historical events.

Current Events

Through current events seminars, important people and events in the world today are researched, studied and discussed. Students examine conflicting viewpoints, motives, governments and ideologies, developing critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze information. Becoming informed about world, U.S., state and local issues engages students with the society they live in and inspires responsibility and leadership.

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