The Arts

Delphi Academy has an active arts program that has the students creating from their hearts while improving their skills and technique. Art, music and drama are offered throughout the year and are considered an important part of the student's education.

Students rehearse musical and theatrical performances that are integrated into cultural celebrations such as Diwali Festival of Lights in October, Chinese New Year in February, or Art & Culture Day in the spring.  At least two major productions are scheduled annually —Winter Performance and Spring Performance. These may involve a play, musical, dance or song. Students  also perform on Parents’ Day in June. Everyone gets involved in each production, whether through acting, singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, creating props and costumes or as stage hands.

Some events do not occur every year, but are possible options. Delphi students can write poetry and perform for each other in "Poetry Slams" (recitations of their own works). They may also be taught ballroom and hip-hop dancing, then put on a school dance. A Talent Show is another way for them to showcase their creative sides.

In addition to creating their own art, students go on field trips to see professional artists perform. Excursions to art museums, the ballet, glass blowing studios, the quilt museum and local artists' studios are common throughout the year.

The Main Office and the Art and Music Room are the sites of our Student Galleries where exhibits of student works are displayed. Student art is also featured in the classrooms, in newsletters and on our website.

Our faculty includes several artists who help the students enter into art contests and find outside locations where students can show their work.

See the Student Gallery.


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