Delphi Curriculum


The Delphi curriculum is a rich and comprehensive course of study available for K-12 that has been extensively researched, developed, and piloted by Delphi Schools, Inc., then published by Heron Books.  Delphi Academy of Campbell presently offers Kindergarten through the 8th grade.  New research and development assures that the curriculum keeps up with our constantly changing world. 

A complete mastery of academic basics forms the core of the curriculum, accompanied by hands-on activities, field trips and a wide spectrum of skills and experiences in cultural, literary, scientific, technological, historical and social subjects. Physical education is provided daily at every level and Delphi students enjoy a healthy balance of indoor and outdoor activity.  In addition to traditional academic subjects, all students are trained in practical areas such as communication, manners, computers, nutrition and organization. Ethics, logic and research, often considered advanced topics, are not only offered but are begun early on.

A map of the particular curriculum at each academic level is available through the Admissions Office.

Lower School:  Kindergarten through 3rd grade – Beginners 1 & 2, Forms 1 & 2

Elementary School:  4th – 6th grade – Forms 3 & 4

Middle School:  7th – 8th grade – Form 5

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