Emphasis in athletics is on discipline, hard work, team spirit and fun. All students will have the opportunity to participate in various individual and team sports. Sports include soccer, basketball, touch football, volleyball and our on-going physical fitness program. Dance classes are also offered at various times during the school year and students go running once a week.

Delphi Academy plays volleyball, basketball and soccer against other schools during the different seasons throughout the school year. Students in Elementary School and Middle School are eligible to participate in these extra-curricular team sports.

The school has an indoor gymnastics and climbing room for younger children as well as a sports field, two gymnasiums, track, tennis courts and pool. Seasonal sports activities such as ice-skating, horseback riding, archery, rock climbing and swimming are typically offered some time during the summer session or when seasonally available. We also take advantage of the many parks, beaches and hiking trails nearby to exercise outdoors in nature.


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