The Arts

Visual arts and performing arts such as music, dance and drama are offered throughout the year and are considered an important part of the children's education. Delphi embraces creativity and provides avenues for performance and exhibition of works.  

Students of all ages participate in two or three major performances held each year: Winter Holiday in December, Spring Performance in April and Parents' Day at the end of the school year in June.  Each class also contributes a song, dance or skit at cultural festivals and celebrations held on campus.  Student artwork is displayed around the school and motivated artists have the opportunity to enter contests in the community. 

In the Lower School specifically, Delphi fosters creativity and the development of technique in a variety of media.  Students are also introduced to well-known artists and works of art. In music, Lower School students learn rhythm and voice, begin to read music and are exposed to a variety of music and composers from around the world.


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