The first few years of formal education have the wonderful potential of expanding a child's natural thirst for learning. Delphi's Lower School curriculum provides a rich program that teaches basic skills, keeping that thirst alive and growing. The greatest emphasis is placed on reading, writing and mathematics, surrounded by a broad experiential program.

Beyond the focus on competence in basics, Delphi introduces students to a wide variety of academic subjects. Designed with an integrated approach, the Lower School curriculum includes study of geography, history, science, music, art, poetry, foreign language (Spanish) and even communication skills. In addition, our teaching methods engage students in creative activities that encourage the exploration of their surroundings and help them relate what they learn to real life. 

Learning How to Learn

A unique aspect of the Delphi Program™ is that all students develop good study habits. They literally learn how to learn. These are not study or memory tricks - they have to do with really understanding and using what is studied.  From the very beginning of their Delphi education, students are coached to recognize when they do not fully understand something.  Teachers provide guidance and assistance, and gradually students gain the ability to study with full understanding as they move through the program.  A process that begins with considerable teacher assistance ends with increasing independence on the part of the student.

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