Math Olympiad

The Math Olympiad is an exciting program with over 150,000 participants and 6,000 teams worldwide. Delphi has two teams: a Division E 4th - 6th grade team and a Division M 6th – 8th grade team. The teams meet for one hour each week to explore math topics, practice for competitions and work out solutions to problems. Students have the opportunity to participate in five contests between November and March.

2009/2010 Competition Schedule

Division E Division M
November 17 November 18
December 15 December 16
January 12 January 13
February 9 February 10
March 9 March 10

The Math Olympiad stimulates enthusiasm and a love for mathematics, introduces important mathematical concepts, teaches major strategies for problem solving and develops flexibility in solving problems. Delphi’s teams are having a great time and are up for the challenge!

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