Fund Raising

Delphi Academy holds two major fundraisers each year: the October Bike-a-thon and the May all-school event, which has taken the form of a picnic, a talent show, dance, etc. Smaller fundraisers include a Spell-a-thon that specifically raises money for our cultural events and a Scholastic Book Fair that doesn't raise very much money for the school but helps to build the school libraries. Additionally, we have an eScrip account that can earn money for Delphi just through your regular shopping. Please see further details about these events below.


eScrip – Sign up with eScrip and earn about $150 annually for Delphi Academy through everyday purchases

eScrip works with merchant partners to contribute to non-profits groups like Delphi Academy each time you shop - at no cost to you!

Simply register your grocery club, Macy's, credit, debit and ATM cards at by clicking on "Sign Up" and then choosing Delphi Academy to receive contributions.

Delphi Academy's Group ID # is 500004862.

Once cards are entered on the secure eScrip site, a percentage of each purchase is donated to Delphi every time the card is used at a participating eScrip merchant. If every parent signs up, these percentages can add up to a significant amount for Delphi Academy each year.

Safeway, Office Max, Macy's, Whole Foods and Linens & Things are just some of the stores that will give back 1-6% of your purchase to Delphi Academy. A full list of participating merchants in Northern California can be seen in this pdf file.

We also encourage you to tell your family and friends about this obligation-free opportunity. Each person signed up contributes to make a difference, simply by shopping as usual.


Walk/Bike-a-thon at Baylands Park - Fall Fundraiser

The school Bike-a-thon occurs on a Saturday in early October from 9 am to noon, followed by a delicious family barbeque until 1:30 pm.  This fun, social event has been our largest fundraiser of the year and is generally our most successful and productive.

Students collect pledges beforehand (either per mile or simply a straight donation) and then gather to walk or bike the marked routes on large, safe paths with their friends.

Delphi Academy faculty station themselves along the routes to encourage the riders and supervise the event. Snacks, drinks, bike repair and first aid are available at the start/finish line. Parents are welcome to bike, jog or walk along with their children and enjoy the fresh air and exercise. Sometimes parents will even bring guitars and provide entertainment!

Everyone enjoys nature, exercise and friendship in a beautiful, outdoor setting. In past years, with two successful Bike-a-thon fundraisers, a new school bus was purchased for the students to use on their weekly field trips. Other Bike-a-thons have sponsored items such as new playground equipment, new computers, building improvements and more.

Our goal is usually for each student to raise $200 at this event.


All-School, Friends and Alumni Event - Spring Fundraiser

The first Saturday in May is usually reserved for our end-of-the-year gathering and fundraiser. The Parent Booster Club creates a new event each year. 2012 boasted a fun Reunion Picnic with games, a taco truck and silent auction. In 2013 we enjoyed a spectacular Talent Show with art auction and lots of interesting booths and activities. Tickets are sold and the event is always highly entertaining. This fundraiser helps us make the balance of our annual fundraising goals and is a sister to the fall Bike-a-thon.



The first annual Spell-a-thon was held in 2013 and was highly successful in raising support for our cultural events such as Diwali, Christmas, Lunar New Year and "Art & Culture Day". Students are given lists of words to learn by class and their own online site where they can collect pledges. Teachers quiz them on the spelling list on a set day and pledges are given for the number of correctly spelled words. It is a fun, easy and educational way to support our cultural programs.


Scholastic Book Fair 

Build your home library while helping your school! Twice yearly, in the fall and spring, a bookstore is set up in the Activities Room for one week where students and parents can purchase brand new books at all reading levels. Many are offered at reduced prices and Delphi Academy gets a percentage of the sales.

Students tour the store for a preview with their classes and the bookstore is open every afternoon after school for families to browse and buy. It's a great place to purchase holiday or birthday gifts or simply to build on to a home library.

The bookstore typically generates over a thousand dollars for Delphi that are spent on school upgrades.

Visit Delphi's Scholastic Book Fair home page here!

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