Cultural Festivals

We live in a multi-cultural area and our student population reflects this. In the spirit of understanding each other’s traditions and backgrounds, Delphi Academy celebrates numerous festivals and holidays each year with bountiful help from parents. Families that would like to see a new celebration added to our calendar should speak to the Dean or Public Relations Director about their ideas as far in advance as possible.

Diwali: The Festival of Lights at Delphi is an opportunity for all children to learn about and appreciate Indian arts and culture, with professional guest performers, student presentations, art and handmade gifts. … (more)

Halloween: Students come to school dressed in costume and enjoy an afternoon of carnival games, a costume parade and all kinds of spooky foods! … (more)

Thanksgiving: After learning about Thanksgiving traditions and the first Thanksgiving feast, each classroom participates in a food drive and celebrates with a “traditional” feast of their own. ... (more)

Delphi’s Annual Winter Performance is a December highlight. Class performances include every student participating in a musical extravaganza… (more)

Valentine’s Day: Students create mailboxes and exchange valentine cards with their classmates to celebrate friendship… (more)

St. Patrick’s Day: Irish families at Delphi Academy helped us throw a St. Patrick’s Day celebration for the first time in 2009. Students learned a great deal about Ireland … (more)

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