From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Tiny butterfly larvae.

Ms. Karen's Kindergarten students raised caterpillars in the classroom, excitedly observing the larvae and pupae stages and delighting when each chrysalis came open to reveal a butterfly. The children read books about the life cycle, learned butterfly facts and chose butterfly stories at reading time.

Larvae move to the ceiling to form the familiar

The big day came for the Butterfly Release and students gathered from several classrooms to observe the moment.

"I'm so glad all the caterpillars survived!" Ms. Karen glowed.

A Kindergarten student prepares to release a butterfly.

Middle School photographers from the Yearbook staff came out to photograph the event as the butterflies were delicately removed from their net tent house and placed on flowering bushes. One student, normally quite rambunctious, smiled quietly as he held a small branch with a butterfly sitting on it. Watching students remained hushed, with gasps of delight when a butterfly took to the air.

"It was cool to watch," said one student after the butterflies had made their way.

Beautiful butterflies.

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