Synopsys Science Fair - In the Winners' Circle


Form 5 students Anjali Ganguly, Akshay Chacko and Varun Joshi competed in the Synopsys Science Fair with a biofuel experiment to discover under what conditions algae will best grow. We're proud to announce that the judges were very interested in their project and promoted them to the Winners' Circle. 

They would like to give special thanks to NASA Ames Research for supporting their project and providing information about their large-scale algae research to clean wastewater and generate fuel. The students would also like to thank Torrent Laboratory in Milpitas for opening their doors to the team and giving them use of the spectrophotometer so the students could accurately measure their results.

The students were given numerous passes to Great America where they will attend an awards ceremony on April 3rd. Congratulations to Anjali, Akshay, Varun and their teacher and advisor, Mrs. Kumar!



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