Nine Trees Planted at Fischer Park

Volunteers plant trees.

Delphi Academy students and staff joined over 30 volunteers at Jack Fischer Park on August 5 to complete two main beautification projects: the planting of nine trees and the distribution of fresh mulch along the sidewalk where established trees grow. The Delphi team planted one of the trees, then assisted in rock and debris removal from the planting strip. They worked alongside local high school Interact club members, church members and a group of special needs teens from Friends of Children with Special Needs.

Metal Door at Fischer Park with hand prints.

A walk across the park revealed an earlier project the Delphi team had worked on a few years ago -- hand prints on a large metal door. The student volunteers had been much younger then, so their hands had grown and did not fit the earlier prints! However, it was rewarding to visit a previous project and see that it was still in good shape and fulfilling its purpose (to discourage graffiti tags).

Delphi Academy coordinates with the City of Campbell and numerous Campbell non-profit groups to create service activities for our student body. We encourage all our students, staff and parents to join in!

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