Summer Camp

Summer Term 2017 - June 11th to August 3rd

Join us for Summer Camp and have your best summer ever!

DELPHI SUMMER CAMP (Full-Day) - Academics, Athletics, Art & Adventure!

An affordable weekly price includes all day trips, excursions, academics, activities and projects, and each full day goes from 8:45 am - 4:30 p.m. Camping trips have a small additional fee for meals. Kidwatch is available until 6:30 p.m. for just $50 per week.

 Summer Weeks     Total

 Four Weeks (Minimum)*

to Eight Weeks Total







$475/week** with a $100 discount for enrollment in all 8 weeks 

4 weeks - $1,900 

5 weeks - $2,375 

6 weeks - $2,850 

7 weeks - $3,325 

8 weeks - $3,700 

**Camping fees billed separately


*There may be special circumstances (for international students, for example) where campers may need to enroll for fewer than 4 weeks. In those cases, the weekly cost is $495/week. Students enrolled in the full Academic School Year + 8 weeks of camp pay $3,480 for summer camp. 

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