If you are interested in having your son or daughter attend Delphi Academy, it is best to begin the application process as early as possible in the school year prior to enrollment. The sooner the Application Procedure begins, the better the chances are to have a position available for your child.

The Application Procedure consists of three steps:

1. The School Tour  

The parents of each applicant must receive a personal tour of the school from our Head of Admissions.  Children do not attend the tour; it is a time for parents to gain a thorough understanding of our philosophy, study methods and curriculum. On this tour of the school's facilities, parents visit the classrooms and see them in action.  At the end of the tour, interested parents may fill out an Application for Admission.

2. Evaluation Day

Upon receipt of the Application for Admission, an Evaluation Day is scheduled for the child to spend one full school day in the classroom at Delphi.  This gives the child an opportunity to experience the classroom environment and daily schedule, to make friends and get to know the teachers. During this visit the student will be evaluated to determine his/her qualification for the school and his/her correct placement level in mathematics, reading and overall academics. Older students may be required to provide letters of recommendation from teachers.  The cost for the Evaluation Day is $75.  A second or third sibling’s Evaluation is $50 each.

3. Admissions

Once an enrollment application has been evaluated, interviews completed and academic records and test scores reviewed, the student and parents are notified as to whether the student has been accepted.  The highly individualized nature of the Delphi Program™ allows students to begin at any time during the school year upon receiving notice of admission, providing there is space available.  Most students begin in September, January, or in June at the start of the summer session.

Students who are transferring to Delphi Academy from another school will need to provide copies of the student's report cards and standardized test scores.  Forms to request such materials are provided upon acceptance to Delphi.  

We understand there are many questions parents may have while looking for the appropriate school for their child. Please feel free to contact the Admissions Office with any questions you may have, to request additional information, or to schedule a time to tour the school.

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