Welcome from the Headmistress

Hello, and welcome to Delphi!

Thank you for visiting our new website where we hope to share our passion for education and our heartfelt dedication to each and every student at our school.  When a family chooses Delphi for their child, they become part of our close-knit community.

My own history with Delphi Academy goes back to 1992 when our school site was located in Palo Alto.  I arrived to work each day with my young daughters Elizabeth and Erin, who began their educations at Delphi.

As a parent, it was very fulfilling to watch them learn not just facts, but how to apply those facts to their lives.  I saw them make friends that they have kept to this day and watched them gain self-confidence from the respect they shared with their peers, teachers and advisors.  The curriculum was a beautiful balance of academics, arts, athletics and practical application – something I’m proud to continue at Delphi to this day.

I might compare the Delphi student to a racecar driver speeding along an “education highway” with the parents, teachers and other school faculty all part of the crew - facilitating with pit stops or giving guidance from their vantage points - but always letting the student do the driving.  

The Delphi experience is one of great camaraderie, community and a genuine enthusiasm for learning.  Faculty and students alike immerse themselves daily in our expansive curriculum, with each teacher dedicated to helping students gain a personal mastery of every subject.  

I thank you for your interest in Delphi and invite you to find out more about our unique school.


Marcy Green

Marcy Green

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