Study Technology

Study Technology is both a learning and a teaching method which develops a truly self-sufficient and self-motivated student with the tools to learn anything, easily and comfortably.

American writer and educator L. Ron Hubbard recognized the pitfalls of study and identified basic barriers that prevent a student from understanding. To overcome these barriers and ensure a student could truly put his or her education to use, he developed a precise and simple set of tools he called Study Technology. With them, a student learns to recognize the signs of study difficulty and, most importantly, what to do about it.

The basic concepts of Study Technology have been incorporated throughout the Delphi curriculum, in the arrangement of the classroom, the role of the teacher and the attention given to students.

Using this approach, a Delphi student becomes a confident and enthusiastic independent learner.

Delphi Academy is licensed by Applied Scholastics™, an educational non-profit organization, to use Study Technology.


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