Put Ethics and Integrity at the Center

Ethics and Integrity are featured on the Delphi logo and are considered to be two key aspects of our program vital to a student’s success.   We foster an ethical environment of mutual respect and communication between students, teachers and parents where each student can do his best work in a supportive, caring community of peers and adults. 

Beyond this, students gain a personal understanding of the subject of Ethics, both philosophically and through choices they make.  Decisions and consequences are studied from a historical and current events perspective, and in everyday matters at hand.

Leadership skills, community service and personal integrity are also all developed as essential parts of our curriculum. For example, there are courses, activities and projects interwoven throughout the curriculum that strengthen honesty, accountability and character. And all Delphi students are given the opportunity to give back to their school and community and to develop leadership, compassion and the chance to see how their own actions can have a great effect on others. 

The practical use of ethics and personal integrity are skills that will help any student succeed in any environment. 




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