Our History

The Delphi Network of schools began in 1976 as the dream of a small group of educators interested in building a new kind of learning environment. Founding Headmaster Dr. Alan Larson (Ph.D. Mathematics, Stanford University) and several of his colleagues dedicated to the goal of reversing the downward trending standards in education founded  Delphian School on 800 beautiful acres outside Portland, Oregon. 

The Delphi philosophy seeks to cultivate an increasing responsibility in each student for their studies, their school, their environment and their fellow man. Students participate in activities to develop these abilities and take an active role in community service. Strong academics, an education of the whole student and a close-knit community environment help students make the connection between themselves, their education and the rest of the world.

Delphian School in Oregon continues to thrive with graduates from its K-12 program gaining acceptance to a variety of distinguished colleges and universities — Berklee College of Music, Georgetown, Harvard School of Business, Harvey Mudd, MIT, NYU, Ohio State (Honors College), Pepperdine, Stanford and UC Berkeley, to name a few.

The success of the Delphi Program™ led to the opening of Delphi Academy Los Angeles  (K-12) in 1984 and Delphi Academy of San Francisco Bay (K-8) in 1986. Originally located in Palo Alto, Delphi Academy of San Francisco Bay moved to Santa Clara in 1996 and eventually became known as Delphi Academy of Santa Clara.

In June of 2012, after 16 years in Santa Clara and several years of being filled to maximum capacity, the school moved to its present, much larger location in Building A at One West Campbell Avenue in Campbell. Accordingly, it became known as Delphi Academy of Campbell. Over time, the Delphi Network has grown to include schools in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Clearwater, Florida. 

Under the guidance of Headmistress Marcy Green, and in response to the community’s demand for a Delphi education, the school is actively seeking local sites where new branches can be opened for preschool and elementary school, and intends to offer a high school program in the future as well.

We celebrated our 25th Anniversary in 2011 with over 300 students, their families, alumni, faculty and friends attending the festivities. The community spirit and dedication to education lives on at Delphi Academy as each year we welcome new students and their parents into our Delphi family.

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