Delphi Academy of Campbell's academic facilities are housed in an historic, two-story building that was the former home of John F. Kennedy University. Step inside and one immediately feels he has entered the halls of learning.

The first floor houses the Lower School, with classrooms from Kindergarten through 3rd grade (Beginners through Form 2), and includes a lunch room and an indoor gymnastics and P.E. area for rainy days or indoor training. Each classroom includes one computer for every four students as well as its own library containing hundreds of books suited to students’ particular age and reading level. The Lower School Standards Department (where exams are given and where students can receive one-on-one assistance) is also located on the first floor. Administrative offices, the Student Ethics Advisor (who helps students with their difficulties) and Reception are also found here.

Lower School students do venture upstairs each week to work in the Visual Arts Studio, attend Assembly, or practice music, theater and dance in the Performing Arts Studio.

The 4th and 5th grade classrooms (Form 3) are also on the second floor, providing a gentle transition to Middle School for students ages 8-10. These students continue to have a constant homeroom teacher as in the Lower School, but may change classes to attend their appropriate math level, to work in the Science Laboratory, or to study any of the arts. They become familiar with the Middle School teachers and facilities while still being guided by their teacher to prepare for Middle School level responsibilities and schoolwork.

Middle School students in grades 6-8 (Forms 4 & 5) move between classrooms for English and Social Sciences, Math and Technology, Science Theory, Science Laboratory, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Electives and P.E. The second story is also where the Rec Room, Dean's office and Headmistress's office are located, as well as the Library.

Outside of Building A, students have use of the track, several fields, swimming pool, two gymnasiums, a handball court and tennis courts. Delphi Academy reserves these facilities (which are maintained by the Campbell Community Center) for private use by our students during the school year.

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