3rd Grade Students Take Campus Botanical Tour

Students examine plants closely on a botanical tour of the Delphi campus.

There is a surprising variety of plants on the Delphi Academy campus. A cork tree, with its unusual bark, sits right outside the school's back door and evergreens, deciduous trees, native plants, grasses and ornamental plants can be found along every path. Our partnership with the City of Campbell benefited the 3rd grade class as they were led on a tour of the grounds, discovering unique seed pods, leaves, trees and bushes.

Students examine leaves cut for viewing by City staff Dave Olson.

City gardeners Charles Porter and David Olson, affectionately known by Delphi students as "Chuck 'n Dave" enlightened the students and allowed them to pluck, smell, crush and keep small berries, seeds, flowers and leaves along the tour. Each student kept a notebook with facts, drawings and observations about each of the species and later glued or taped the garden bits they'd gathered into the book.

"We are very lucky to have this partnership," said Ms. Victoria, Level 3 teacher. Firsthand learning creates memorable educational experiences that stay with students long after they've graduated.

Students take notes and observe plant material on the botanical tour.

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